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ONE NIGHT ONLY, 5 March 2016, 7:30pm till midnight
205 Pier St, Northbridge, Perth

Neil Aldum
Erin Coates
Shaun Gladwell
Loren Holmes
Stuart James
Simone Johnston

Snapcat (Anna Dunhill & Renae Coles, aka The Lightning Furies)

Taking place for one loud, epic night only, RUMBLESTRIP occupied a large disused urban lot, close to the heart of the city. It featured new collaborative works by eight Australian artists that integrate sound, mobile sculpture, video installation, inflatable structures and performance work.

The works drew on the artists’ preoccupations with informal and temporary architecture, car-orientated development, urban heat island effect, roadside signage and Australian cult cinema. Re-purposing, cannibalising and mutating found and recycled industrial materials, RUMBLESTRIP built from what has fallen apart or succumbed to obsolescence to suggest a different possible future.

RUMBLESTRIP was conceived by Neil Aldum, Erin Coates and Simone Johnston


Download the Rumblestrip publication here