Redshift [3 minute, single-channel excerpt]
Erin Coates, Sohan Ariel Hayes and Jacqui Monks, 2012
two-channel HD Red video projected onto opposing walls, with sound
duration: 10 minutes

Swinging between the suggested space of the viewer in a pendulum motion, we see the gradual and ominous transformation of a set of objects; amorphous clouds of smoke-like substance; a 'flying' dead galah; and an oozing bag of fleshy matter swinging in an increasingly bloody state of eventual depletion. The psychological implications of these objects reference the beginning, middle and end of an unspecified life cycle, and the notion that transformation in the form of destruction, decay and eventual death is built in to every life. Shot in intense detail and at 120 frames per second, the lucidity of the destruction intensifies the uneasy dynamic of an imagery that is concomitantly beautiful and grotesque, hypnotic and violent3