Thirst 2012
HD video, duration: 5:46 mins
sound design: Stuart James
camera operator: Sohan Ariel Hayes
colour grading: Sam Price
zombies: Kate Abon, Cabal Abon, Tod Jones, Aman Braich, Laetitia Wilson, Shevaun Cooley, Jacqui Monks

Thirst is a short experimental film featuring a single tracking shot of a mob of zombies staggering through an empty petrol station. Filled with atmospheric dread and the sense of menace that pervades end-of-humanity scenarios, Thirst deviates sharply from narrative film in its lack dramatic action or climax; there are no flesh-eating moments or resilient acts of human survival, just the painful progress of the zombies, drawn by the monomania of the single impulse remaining in them. Underscored by a critique of car culture and our over-reliance on petroleum, Thirst takes our anxieties over the end of petrol and manifests them within the human form through the ultimate body-horror trope, the zombie.

"A beautifully shot depiction of Zombies slowly, slowly taking over. It has to be the first experimental zombie film that's crossed our desks. Very, very clever."
~Jack Sargeant, Perth International Film Festival Director