Thigmotaxis 2014
HD video, 5.1 surround sound, duration: 9 minutes,
Sound design: Stuart James
Climbers: Erin Coates, Shevaun Cooley, Ally Glaser, Jarrod May, Jon Marsh, Ning Tan, Rodney Tan, Brian Tan, Peter Zhang. Parkour traceurs: Grant Webster, Matthew James
Drone pilot: Captain Jon Marsh
Technical consultant and colourist: Sohan Ariel Hayes

The term 'thigmotaxis' is used in biology and behavioural studies to describe a response to the touch of the external surface of an object. Thigmotaxic movement involves skirting the periphery of spaces whist using touch and haptic awareness to navigate. It is the movement of climbers and parkour traceurs. Erin's film Thigmotaxis is a manifesto of city and suburban transgression through bouldering and parkour - which plays out to heart-racing effect with a polyrhythmic percussive soundscape. Coates draws on her background in urban climbing and her interest in architecture to provide new perspectives into Perth's built environs. Filmed over a series of early-morning guerilla-style interventions with the city's public art and architecture, Thigmotaxis brings together collaborations with climbers, parkour traceurs, and sound and video artists.
~ Leigh Robb, PICA